The ​chippy serves the finest Cod and Chips at the lowest price possible, the idea to start this place up came from Ziangs at the Olde Chapel inability to open, we thought rather than close and give up, what could we do to help people have some luxury during this unprecedented worldwide health crisis while making sure our team members still had jobs. Fish n Chips sprung to mind, as we have had many years experience cooking and selling them for the Weir outlet.



From the 24th July 2020, we will be allowing people to make orders at the door, but will still not be allowed into the property. As we are a takeaway and not a restaurant, we are required to make sure that everyone picking up an or placing an order at the door is wearing a mask, if you are not we cannot take your order, or give you your food. We will also be reminding people of this when they place orders by phone for collection. Thank you all for your time and understanding.

Phone: 01643 862241

IMPORTANT: We can be very busy and the phone may always seem engaged, if this happens, DO NOT come to the shop to order. You will be asked to leave as we take the social distancing protocols very seriously.