Ziangs at the Olde Chapel was one of the highest rated Malaysian Street food restaurants in the country, but due to the pandemic, fresh ingredients become impossible to get hold off. Even when supply chains opened up again the spices and herbs we needed, we could not get hold off, so to avoid closing forever, we had to change business model, Yes I'm 5th generation Malaysian - Chinese Chef, but I'm also a 3rd generation UK style Chinese takeaway Chef, these products that Chinese Takeaways use are readily available in the UK so it made sense to change.


We won't be changing back into the Malaysian street food restaurant again, for a number of reasons, getting people to work, supply chain is still poor, we had to invest a lot into changing the business model and that would all of been for nothing.

We understand that for people visiting us again, maybe disappointed to no be able to get the Street Food we once did, but I hope that you can understand it was matter of survival, if we could of stayed the same we would of.